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Client 6
Client’s Portfolio.

You are invited to view services rendered to the following clients: South Africa Fifa’s Worldcup, Confederations Cup, Philips, Miss Universe, The Pelé Museum, Petrobrás, The Ayrton Senna Museum, The ABAP (Brazilian Advertising Agencies Association), Abril Publishing Group, ANP (National Association of Petroleum), Slim, The Run for Peace, Travel and Tourism Trade Show, to name a few.

Client 1
Coca Cola CanFest & Trade Shows

For 2014’s Worldcup, Via Americas (Via BR Cenografia) designed the Coke’s CanFest. A promotional tour featuring a set design with a Giant model of a Coca Cola bottle built exclusively with aluminum cans of coke, and led screens. From Trade Shows to Promotional Tours, Via Americas is definetely the preferred set designer of Coca Cola Brasil.

Client 2
FIFA 2014’s Worldcup

Via Americas (Via BR Cenografia) is the official set designer of FIFA’s Worldcup since South Africa. Advanced and scientific design concepts, and highest standards of execution have been a trademark that defines the business relationship established for almost a decade. Via Americas designed and built all visual communication and foot prints of stadiums, vip areas, and press rooms.

Client 3
The Volkswagen GOL Arena

It may look impossible. It may sound infeasible. The grand majority of set designers said that. To attend the needs of a client,  Via Americas (Via BR Cenografia) went beyond and built an Arena from the ground, to launch Volkswagen new line of Vehicles called “GOL”. The Arena, the parade, and the experience is considered by critics one of the most challenging and innovative branding solutions in marketing at the time.

MGM MIRAGE & CAESAR’s Hotel and Casinos

Through LS Entertain in Las Vegas, Via Americas provided consulting in marketing, sales and promotion of high end Brands for Johnson Brothers of Nevada, second largest, while creating new entertainment options to MGM and Caesar’s patrons. To cite one case, Via Americas helped the Brand TMK (ready do serve bottled Margarita) grow in Las Vegas, to a record breaking 300% increase in annual sales.

Client 5
Pirelli’s Calendar Event.

The Pirelli Calendar is a trade calendar published by the Pirelli company’s UK subsidiary. It has become an annual publication that dates back to 1964. The calendar is famous for its limited availability, as it is only given as a corporate gift to a restricted number of important Pirelli customers and celebrity VIPs. The Event was designed and produced by Via Americas (Via BR Cenografia).