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Case 6
In the Works.

It is our passion to brainstorm, create and inspire. Via Americas currently has many concepts and projects still under development, and being considered by agencies and clients. You are invited get inspired, to visit and preview some jaw-dropping and groundbreaking cases in the works. Via Americas is looking for an opportunity to mesmerize you by designing, transforming, and upgrading your next project.

Antarctica Beer – Below Zero Tour.

A marketing project traveling around the Country to launch the new line “Sub Zero” from Brazil’s best selling Beer company, Antarctica. The Ice Bar experience visited many metropolitan tropical cities. The Sub Zero experience is a climate controlled Bar, set up and assembled in just one day,  to give opinion makers a taste of what is chilling and thrilling about “Zub Zero”.

Case 2
The Annual Brazilian Festival of Pompano Beach.

Via Americas is bringing advanced concepts and ideas to the Annual Brazilian Festival of Pompano Beach, voted 2013’s best Brazilian Festival in the US. The largest Brazilian Festival in Florida, with 300,000 square feet of green area, and more than 150 exhibitors builds awareness about Environmental protection and how recycling can inspire us all to fight against Global Warming. Read more

Case 3
2015’s Devassa Beer Vip Lounge at the Sambadrome in Rio’s Carnival.

For more than 6 years in a roll, the Devassas’s Beer Vip Lounge at the Sambadrome (Sambódromo) is created, designed ,developed, and built by Via Americas (Via BR Cenografia). Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival is the largest spectacle in the World. Almost 90,000 people attend the festivities nightly to watch dozens of “Samba Schools” and their 6,000 members compete during Rio’s Annual Carnival Parade.

Case 4
Terra Networks.

With both LS Entertain in the US, and Via BR in Brazil, Via Americas provides consulting and assistance to agencies seeking marketing solutions for the client Terra Networks. Via Americas developed, designed, helped plan and organize Terra Networks’ Events in New York (DMP), Las Vegas (Summit Terra), and San Paulo.

TV Record USA 10th Anniversary.

Through LS Entertain, Via Americas has helped TV Record USA, under the tenure of the US President Mr. Manoel Silva, plan and organize the unforgettable cocktail event that celebrated its 10 years of Broadcast in the US. TV Record USA is the second largest Brazilian TV Station broadcasting in the US, only behind the powerhouse TV Globo International.