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Via Americas is the Union between the event planning LS Events with 25 years in Las Vegas and Florida, and Via Br ‘s 25 years of experience on advanced production, scenography and set design in Brazil. Via BR is established in Rio de Janeiro, one of the host cities from the 2014 Fifa’s Worldcup, and the 2016 Olympic Games, but also has offices in San Paulo, Portugal and Argentina. Via Americas, now in the US, will follow this unmatched success to offer its whole structure for the largest companies and agencies in North America. Read more…


Via Americas has a complete team or architects, designers and other experts, all able and ready to plan, manage, design, and build corporate events, trade fairs, exhibitions, shows, malls, stores, and practical special effects. Just in San Paulo, 2 design offices in Five 3,000 square meter warehouses, and a team of 16 architects. Advanced Scientific forward thinking providing everything for the succes of your project. Read more…


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Scenography, Set Design, Event Production.


Innovative and Trendsetting Ideas that inspire and motivate clients and agencies market their brands and products. This is Via Americas’ mission, goal, and passion. Every Project that comes in contact with Via Americas is upgraded, transformed and adapted to mesmerize Clients and Agencies with cutting edge solutions. Via Americas’ solutions in event planning, set design, production, and practical special effects makes of raw projects unforgetable branding experiences. Read more…

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Annually, more than 250 projects planned, created, produced, and perfectly delivered to Clients and Agencies. To cite a few, Via BR, Via PT, and Via AR have been providing services to FIFA, Coke, Sony, Bayer, Brahma and Devassa’s Beers, Pirelli, the Confederations Cup, Volkswagen, Nissan, Itaú, Bradesco, and Millenium Banks. Via Americas is bringing to the US advanced concepts as the official production company of the Annual Brazilian Festival of Pompano Beach, the largest in Florida. Read more


They are speaking out and testyfying as to Via’s commitment to ensure client’s satisfaction and repeated businesses.
They are the best in what they do, they are fully aware of what is the ideal solution for their brands and products. They understand who is the finest service provider in the segment to attend their most intrinsic and elaborated project’s needs. You are invited to review the perception we built over 18 years of operations.
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You are invited to come behind the scenes, get to know us, and our history, the staff, team, and structure at your disposal. Come experience the creation process, the steps of planning, the challenges in execution, and the final results delivered to our clients and agencies. Watch the Tour Here.


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